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Professional decking installation Doncaster.

Decking can enhance the appearance of any garden creating a contrasting patio area. Proper instalation is the key to ensuring that your decking will stand the test of time. MJS have carried out many repairs to decks due to bad installation. The typical causes are incorrectly spaced or inadequate deck joists allowing the deck to bow and hold water. The use of cheap poor quality deck boards, soil in contact with the subframe and inadequate spacing between deck boards to allow for expansion and shrinkage plus many more.

Click on the decking above to enlarge the image

Tanlaised pine decking is the most common type of decking that we fit. It is worth knowing that a lot of landscapers use 28mm thick deck boards which are the thinnest and cheapest available. We use heavy duty 32mm boards or even 38mm for a slightly higher cost.

Decking Installation

The image on the left shows one of our most recent Doncaster decking projects incorporating sturdy balustrades, handrails and stepped access to the front.

The second image shows how this decking project the the deck was built around an existing palm tree. Decks can be built around almost anything, in addition lift out hatches can be constructed to give access to existing manholes in the garden.With a massive range finishes most people can create a deck to suit their taste within a reasonable budget. A handrail and balustrade can also compliment your garden decking.

Other types of decking

In addition to standard pine decking we can also supply and fit Hardwood decking, composite decking and decks built from railway sleepers. These are generally much more costly but can last a lifetime. To find out more about hardwood decking and view a recent hardwood project click the link below.

Hardwood Decking

Recent Decking Projects


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